Curate App with Galleries
About Curate App

CURATE was developed out of necessity by sisters Cari Sacks, MCA trustee, and philanthropist and Patti Bartelstein, an artist and founder of THE PROJECT ROOM. Sacks states, "I wanted a way to see what a painting would look like on my wall before I committed to hanging it. I wanted to be sure it actually fit in the space and that it felt good there. My sister, a photographer would spend hours photoshopping paintings onto my walls, but it was very time consuming. One day after hours of fooling around on photoshop we just sort of looked at each other and said there should be an App for this." Months later, they developed the perfect App which serves as a hybrid in connecting art enthusiasts and collectors to galleries around the world.

Until now, the ability for art enthusiasts and collectors to preview pieces in their home had been constrained to actually having the piece of art brought into their homes. Using innovative technology, CURATE has developed an App that allows the art buyer to either scroll through the collections of member galleries, or take a photo of any prospective piece then quickly and accurately place it on a wall in their home with just a tap of the screen. This App eliminates one of the biggest impediments to purchasing art: answering the question, “How will it look on my wall?”

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